Can one back up individual folders

Basically, the title. 

I just got a WD My PAssport Essential SE, and it will mainly be a school and work drive, which are already very neatly ordered on my hard drive. Being a mixed media student, I have all sorts of odds and ends - websites, logos, photoshop psds, audio files, PT sessions, etc.

Is there a way to set the WD drive to simply back up my two main folders? (One being “School” and one being “Work”) While leaving all of my other stuff - programs, personal music collection, and other stuff alone? Or should I need another file management program? The password protection to the drive is VERY important to me, so if use a different management program, will it still work? Any recommendations on the program of choice?

I can’t believe something as simple as a “Choose folder…” dialogue box is missing =/ 

You are able to make the Smartware backup specific folders as long as it is the latest version on the software

WD SmartWare version (Windows)