Can not run wdidle3: it shows help, but can not access disks with "CRITICAL ERROR" message

I want to disable idle timeout on my new WD20EARX.

I’ve downloaded FreeDOS 1.1 USB stick image, added wdidle3 to it and boot my computer (nothing fancy, ICH9R SATA controller).

But wdidle3 cannot show or set timeout, it starts and exists with

!!CRITICAL ERROR: Unable to translate physical address to linear address!!

I’ve tried AHCI and “Compatibnle” controller mode, I’ve tride to disconnect all other drives (IU have 6 drives in total in this computer, all WD Green WD20EARS), without any success.

What do I do wrong?

Unofficial Non-DOS tools might help you.

Linux tool, idle3-tools

Windows command prompt tool, IDLE3_for_Windows