Can not delete file: file in use

I have a problem with a file on my WDMyCloud: I can not open it and can not delete it. The message says the file is in use. How can I solve this issue?

Thank you.

What  did you do before that?

Try to log off and log in again on your PC. Perhaps a process holding it. Or try recycling the NAS.

Alternatively, go to the lcoked file, right click, goto general tab. Canyuo see unblock or unlock option?

ywet another way is to start task manager and goto process tab and check if the application you used is still alvie. Yoou can kill it from there.

Install Unlocker and try to unlock the file.

This happens often if you interrupt a file copy to the NAS for example. Simply reboot the NAS.

I just closed the file. But rebooting did the trick.

I should have mentioned I am on a Mac. But thanks anyway for the replies. One question though: how do I recycle my NAS?

Thanks again.

Yes, a reboot will fix anything :slight_smile:

goto NAS dashboard, sdettings, utilities and reboot.