Can not copy files in My Cloud Mirror (6TB) back to my PC (unexpected error)

I have been having trouble on this.  I can not copy files from My Cloud Mirror back to my PC.  Windows Vista gave me " Error 0x8007003A" message.

I can create folders, move folders around inside MyClound, and even delete files/folders inside MyCloud.  But I just can not copy any file sitting inside MyCloud to my PC.  This is very frustrating.

So far, I have tried

  • Reboot

  • Hard Reboot (unplug +40s reset botton)

But no change.  Please help!

(I am running Windows Vista)

This looks to be a bug in Vista - see  this hotfix page for some details and maybe a solution (can’t test it as I’m not on Vista).

That’s from a quick Google search of your error code - there are other pages which may give other options, but some of them look a little dodgy hence why i only link to the MS one (which one would hope is safe).