Can not add mobile device

I have a My Book Live set up on my home network.  I have a static IP set, I have internet access on the drive (“Good”), and I have a Port Forwarding connection established. uPNP is enabled on my router.

When I try to add a mobile device, I am able to get an activation code.  When I go to my phone to enter the code, it enters without a problem and lists my drive.  However, every time I try to enter the drive on my phone, it says “Loading,” then returns me back to the main menu.   In the Dashboard UI, the device never shows up, and the activation code is still “waiting” for a new device.

Any guesses? 

Thanks for any help! 

You may try accessing your MBL from a computer by going to  You may also uninstall/reinstall the WD2Go App from your phone. 

I am able to access from a computer.  I have also uninstalled/reinstalled the app, with the same results.

My phone is Android, and there are no error messages that display; it just does not work.

However, I have tried it on an iOS device as well, and I get the following message after entering the code and it shows me the harddrive: “Authentication Revoked.  Authorization to this device has been denied.  Please enter a new activation code.”

same problem here om my IOS device. For only once I can login and view the MB files om my iPhone. The second time I want to logon the message “authentication Revoked” appears on the screen.

Help please!