Can not add a new backup plan


I have several backup plans that work well. Would like to add another, but the software only allows me to modify one of the current plans. There is no choice in the drop down list of plans that would offer the means to create a new plan. Clicking on any of the current plans gives a notice that there is already a plan
available. Is there something that I am missing??? dsc


Hi dsears25,

  • Are you trying to create the additional backup plan for the same drive or is it the another External drive on which you are trying to create a new backup plan?
  • Which WD Software are you using to create the Backup plan on your WD External drive?
  • Which WD drive are using on which you are trying to create the backup plan?



Trying to add additional b/u plan into the same external drive.

I believe that I am using the same software as I used in setting up the previous 8/9 plans–that supplied by WD when I purchased the unit

I believe that it is the MY Book 4. P/N WD BBGB0030HBK

Sorry for the delay in answering



Hi dsears25,

Unfortunately, WD Backup doesn’t allow to add more additional backup plan on the same drive if the backup plan is already running. You can add another backup plan on different hard drive but not on same.



In other words, I was able to make 8/9 back up plans initially, but can not do it now even if I were to cancel one of those plans. If I find a means to partition the MyBook drive, does this count as a different hard drive and allow me to create new backup plans???