Can not access setup page, can nt use wd2go - what to do?


I got quite a big problem. I have recommended a friend of mine a WD NAS drive. I have told him to get WD My Book World but he bought a Live one instead (as it was recommeneded as a better one). 

It was working fine for abut a week but now he/I got a problem.

He got himself an iPad and would like to use an app WD2Go.

In order to get access he has to get a code from the setup page but this part of the disk has become unavailable, completly. As soon as disk IP is entered into ANY!!! browser all we get is blank (white) page… that is is :-(.

We can not update software, generate code for ipad… we can not do anything. It happens under any browser, we have tried deleting cookies, reseting/restarting WD NAS - nothing works.

We can still access all the files on the disk under Windows (pictures, movies, etc).

What shuld we do? WD has go no representatives in Poland, shop said “can not help”. I am a bit frustrated :frowning:

if you can log into the dashboard…

you might want to try first is under remote access, advanced, rebuild.

if that doesn’t work, you could always restore.  this will delete all your data so you might want to transfer it somewhere else temporarily … goto utilities menu and select factory restore. 

If you have SSH access enabled this might help: