Can not access mac from WDTV Live


I have a Mac Mini in my network along with several PCs. The Mac is seen and I can access it via all PCs, but not from the WDTV Live, it sees the mac but can not see it’s contents.

Is there something else I have to do to make the WDTV to be able to access the mac?


I have the same problem. It sees the mac and folders but always says there is no media to play. Works fine from my pc. There must be some sharing I need to do.


is your sharing set properly in system preferences?

your folders should be set up under file sharing


Everything is setup as instructed. All needed folders are shared in the Sharing control panel. It works fine from the PC (I can see the mac and open it’s folders).

The WDTV Live sees the Mac but gives an error saying the mac can not be contacted or something like that.




Check out this here. Its a nice how-to for your issue.

Mac on WD TV Live




Tim2002 wrote:



Check out this here. Its a nice how-to for your issue.

Mac on WD TV Live





Hi Tim, already did that, still can’t access the mac from the wdtv live.



Try this: In your Mac network share settings, add a new user “WDTVLIVE” and give this user read access.

Hope this works for you




I did some google search on your problem and found another thread with the same problem.

They seem to got it solved. Check it if that works for you too.

Good luck



I’ve had this problem for weeks and couldn’t figure out how to put a password into WDTV. Found out on the forum that I had to turn off Automatic Login so that the user name and password screens would appear. After entering that info for each of my computers, I turned Automatic Login back on and everything works as it should.


On the Mac in the Sharing Preferences you want to select Options…and turn on SMB (Windows) sharing anc then select which folders you want to share. Default File sharing is AFS (Apple File Sharing) which is not compatible with the WD HD Live.    I would recommend instead of SMB downloading Yazsoft Playback which is  a file sharing program that runs in the background but is built for connecting Macs and UPNP media players like WD HDTV Live that allows for iTunes, iPhoto and video playback.  It is much less Mac CPU intensive and is designed to do exactly what you are trying to do on your Mac.  For $15 it’s well worth it.  It’s greatly improved my Mac to TV experience thru the WD TV LIve as it has resolve3d a lot of issues like 1080p MKV stuttering, iPhoto Library support and proper size scaling, etc.