Can no longer connect external drive

My external drive was working perfectly fine until I registered it, now I can’t connect into it. In fact, my computer won’t even acknowledge that it’s connected to my laptop.

Hi Adonis69,

Is your drive is showing up in disk management (If using Windows computer) and in disk utility (If using Mac)?


Go to device manager and check whether your drives driver software is updated or not? If it is not updated then update it first and reconnect it to your system.

I have the same problem as described above but I have a mac… I see it on disk utility and have tried first aid but not in finder. I can’t figure out how to read the files. I downloaded the WD utility but now don’t know what to do. I have all my pictures on this hard drive and can’t open.

No. It isn’t showing up at all anymore. I have to go to utilities just to acknowledge that it’s plugged in.

any luck? I’m having issues with mine not showing up at all .