Can no longer access My Cloud Home from Mac or Windows after website upgrade

I had to reboot my router and no longer was able to access my device. Logged into the My Cloud Home website and got the message that they were upgrading and to wait until it was finished. My files finally appeared on the website but I still cannot access them locally. I’ve tried rebooting the NAS only to have to go through the web upgrade again. Extremely frustrated as I cannot access files unless I log into the website. There seems to be no way for me to copy files from the website to a local drive. If I try to access files locally via the WD Discovery app on my Windows machine, it says my device is offline. If I try to access them locally from my Mac, I get nada.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Edit: I was able to connect locally using WD Discovery from a Windows 10 PC but cannot connect from my Mac. I was having no issues until this past week. Should also add that my Mac is running Big Sur 11.6. My wife’s Mac is 11.5.2 and she cannot access locally either.

Hi @d18ge,

Please refer below link check online user guide and solutions:

Hope it helps!!

Not finding anything useful in resolving my problem. Using the WD Discovery app, I can log into my My Cloud Home account and it will bring up a Finder window but all I get is a “Loading” message and spinning daisy wheel. I can only access my My Cloud Home device from a Windows 10 machine. I cannot access it from either of two Macs. I think my resolution will be to connect through Windows, copy all data, and then get rid of this device. I will add that it has been my experience with every WD device I’ve ever owned that they eventually fail or become unusable. This will be my last WD product.