Can Movie Sheets work with List view?

hello there, not to sure if I am in the right place to ask, but  on  JoeySmyth-s-Aeon-ish-Home-Screen-Gallery-theme-list-view it mentions gallery view ect, but nothing about list view. I am looking to get movie sheets in list view. Can anyone help? Thanks

I don’t think so mate.

The point of the sheets is a full screen or a modification of that. So its really designed for that.

Especially this theme which gives the impression of jumping thumbs at the bottom, when its actually a cut and shut job (a really nice one I think), but because of that, the jpg is messed up for other views, there are some small tweaks now, but things like list view will always look ropey.

Hello, thank you so much for your quick reply. May I ask then how come Joeys bete 2 preview shows a full screen list view? is it the same thing as a movie sheet? sorry for all the questions, pretty new to all this… and thanks again.

Yeah if you read on a bit further, he says he is using moviesheets.

Its still a work in progress, but hes very clever with these OSD mods and must have found a way.

edit - in fact Im talking rubbish, it looks like most moviesheets display in list mode, the one I use does not.

This one has it for example

thanks again… i guess I will just have to wait until he finish’s it…hope its not to long…!

Yes, you can display moviesheets in list view…

try the modified theme like my wide sheet themes…

or even joey’s theme…

Thanks guys, great help as always…the only thing I am unable it seems to get movie sheets to work… I have tried Joeys, and your fire…but they just dont come up… or if they do they all look distorted pictures like out of focus…

Simple fix.

Follow pictures for setup advice.

Hello there, I have tried to the letter, and I just cant seem to get it to work… not at all. sorry guys but it seems its not at all simple, or Im thick! lol


for my theme,

here;s a simple file structure:



movie.jpg —>moviesheet


media library should be turned on, and wait for it to finish compiling

hello Fire, thanks for the tip, but I still cant get it to work! its got to be, but I follow EVERYTHING as it should be…

here is the idea… I am trying to make a skin, or mod… I want it really rea;;y simple, I have done a bit, but this is the problem I am getting on the list view the movie / music cover picture quality is REALLY VERY BAD, it seems of of focus and distorted, I have tried everything I can think of in editing the rv.list browse page.xml is this the correct .xlm i should be adjusting?

Here is an Mock up of what I want it to look like… is this possible?

and a really BIG thank you to all you guys for your help…in advance! test.jpg

you need to up the pic to an image site like this

As the site takes a while to show them.

Usually fuzzy means you are not creating an .xml file with the Jpg for example, it should be




thanks mister…

You dont need the image link, just paste the direct link in here…anyway got to see the picture.

Ah, you never answered, did you set up Thumbgen to create an Xml file, are there Xml files for the movies ?

no, this is a mock up picture this is the result i want…but im not getting it as all i get is a distorted out of focas picture…

Movie xml files, are you creating them with Thumbgen ?

hiya, I have tried creating with and without .xml files…does not seem to wor for me…!

yes, I have been using thumbgen, though normally I am a mac person! lol

Its getting a bit confusing now.

What theme are you using ?

What Movie template are you using ?

Because some might not work with each other.

Do the movie sheets look ok in Gallery view.

Sorry, I have tried, Anodized Theme, Firetix, and Joeys mod… I use thumbgen, I have tried creating with .XML files and also without .XML files…none of it seems to work. I have followed everything to instructions, and still nothing.

The reason I wanted to do this is to see how it all works so I can have a better idea when designing my skin / mod.

I dont even particularly want to use moviesheets ect. what I would like is to have like my mock on a normal listview. however I seem to edit the rv.listbrowse page.xml i get everything looking perfect except the picture. the picture looks really distorted how ever big or small I make it, and it looks out of focus.