Can I view documents on server without downloading?

Hi everyone,
at the moment every document that I have uploaded into the cloud is being downloaded onto my computer when I open it or want to view it.
Is it possible to only view documents on the cloud without downloading them? If so, could you please tell me how to do this?
Thanks a lot

Uhm… No?

Not unless you are using some kind of installed web application running on the mycloud itself to present you with the document or something.

To view a document, the computer has to load it into memory, and in order to do that it has to download it first.

The computer opening the file and pulling it into memory COULD be the mycloud itself if some software was installed, but that will void your warranty, and I really dont want to steer you that direction.

The basic answer to this question is “no.”

Thanks a lot for your answer

@Ritter773 Are you using Windows? What type of documents are you wanting to vliew? What are your default apps for each document?

Here is an example image from my desktop computer, Windows 10 with all updates and a Microsoft Word document. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it and see complete image. It took me only seconds to open the document in File Explorer.