Can I use WD2Go with multiple shares to the same MyBookLiveDuo?

I have a public share (no passcode required) and a private share (passcode required) that I would like to setup with WD2Go on my iPad. When I try to set up the second share (private), WD2Go loses the public share. Also, the passcode only seems to apply at the device level, not the share level. Can WD2Go handle multiple shares to the same MyBookLiveDuo device? This does not seem to be unreasonable to expect it to handle, as it can handle multiple devices.

I have been using WD2Go Pro for the second (private share), but it doesn’t seem to be supported anymore (or at least, not updated anymore). As such, I would like to delete the pro version and have the private share under WD2Go (which does now support passcodes).   

Can anybody help? Thanks.

Have you tried creating both shares without the passcode?

That will allow you to know more about the issue.