Can I use WD Sync other than continuously?

Hello everyone! First time with a NAS and first question on the forum.

Got my WD My Cloud EX2 Utra set up, and it seems to be working fine. My issue is with WD Sync, which continually syncs my computer’s data with My Cloud. Generally speaking, I have Outlook running all the time when I’m using the computer (or even when it’s just on), so it checks for mail every 15 minutes. The problem is that WD Sync can’t sync the data file (Outlook.pst) when it’s open, and it doesn’t seem to like that. Every now and then, I get the Windows 10 failure noise, and a box appears at the lower right of the screen saying that it can’t sync Outlook.pst because it’s open, and that I should close it and try again.

Is there any way to change WD Sync to only sync at certain times? Or for that matter, anything other than continually?



At the moment there’s no option to change that on the WD Sync.

As a recommendation, add this to the ideas board to see if that can be implemented on a future update.

I kinda’ figured that was going to be the case. Right now, I just “pause” the sync during most of the day when my computer is on and Outlook is open, so I don’t continually get that annoying error message. I then close Outlook and “resume” syncing when I go to bed. I guess it doesn’t really need to sync more than once a day anyway.

Thanks for the reply!