Can I use time machine and excess space for backups

I’ve just been given the “mirror” 6tb for Xmas. My mac only has 1tb and is full of video. Ideally I wanted to use time machine but that will not solve my problem of limited space. Is it possible to partition the the first mirror drive (1tb) for the Mac and 2 tb for saving files. I’m hoping that if I can that the second mirror drive will then back up the first. Hopefully giving me additional storage and a true backup.
Thanks in afvance

You can allocate as much space to time machine as you want upto the full 6tb.

However bear in mind that if you use it in raid 1 the capacity is halfed as it mirrors the drives. so you get 3TB.

I have the 6tb, which I have allocated 750gb to time machine backups.

The rest is for my movies. Though this could just as easy be data files.

I have mine in raid 1 mode.

Thanks RobinB. Now that I know it’s possible I will give it a go in the morning! Thanks again