Can i use the wd20ears drive in two systems xp and 7 as data drive?

if i put the jumper in  will it be possible to use to read and write at the usual speeds of the drive in both systems???

im  afraid while working correctly on windows xp ( with the jumper), windows 7 will not align correctly with 512byte sector size

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You can also leave off the jumper and format it on Windows 7, then use is safely on XP.

thanks bill

i have tried with the jumper

works great on xp but  in 7 it degrads performance

i think i will leave without any jumper

there is a reason behind this…

old 250gb maxtor drive with 16mb cache maxes out usb connection in both read and write and this drive with 64 mb cache sometimes doesnt max out with the same cables ( 22MBs or something)