Can I use one mybook on multiple computers

Just got a new desktop PC and a mybook external backup drive.  Can I place the files and pictures from the old PC to the mybook and then move to the new PC?

Also, can I use one mybook to back-up multiple pc’s; a laptop and a desktop?  If this can be done, how do I keep the files separate to ensure I am not overwriting files from each PC? 

Very good question! I have the same one.

I have just got My Book 1 TB and before unpacking I am eager to know:

  1. Is it possible to use this WD to back up 2 computers?

  2. If possible - then how to do it? Previously on ancient drives I used to partition HD.

  3. Is it possible to partition WD My Book 1 TB?

I will appreciate your advice and help.


You can do it if it is formatted properly. Windows and Mac use different formats. The easiest way to keep the backups separate would be to partition the drive.