Can I use my wd tv live hub as an external drive for a dishnetwork vip 612 dvr?

My dishnetwork vip 612 dvr is dying. Dish network has sent a new one out. I have to get an external hard drive to place my reocords on before I set up the new vip 612 dvr. I went to best buy and they said I can use the wd tv live as the extenal drive. I am concerned that when I connect the dish network vip 612 dvr to the wd tv live hub and the dish network device reformats the hard drive on the wd tv live hub that is will delete the software on the media center. Is this true?  Plus it has been hard to find a male to mal USB a connector. Any advice before I do it?

I don’t know about your dish device but it would surprise me when it would format your external disk without a warning or confirmation. If anything it will format your internal HDD in the new device and the hub will be recognized as a source.

I am assuming you want to use it temporary as a back up HDD. I don’t think it will overwrite existing files but if you are unsure you could try what happens with an USB stick

As was stated in your other post, the Hub CANNOT be used as an external device.  It is NOT a USB Hard Drive.