Can I use my own thumbnail jpegs and backdops in the xml file created by "Get More Info"?

Hi All.

Am a Macintosh user and just installed my WDTV Live Hub (also have original WDTV and WDTVLive). Very happy with the Hub so far. Finally a WDTV version that meets or exceeds the graphics qualiity in the Apple TV1 software.

i am using Gallery View>Options>Get More Info to provide metadata for my movies. Have also found that I can edit the movie.jpg and movie.xml files to alter actor lists, plot summary, etc. (I do this because actor lists and plots are often cut off in mid sentence.)

However, is there a way to edit the xml file so that I can choose my own jpegs for the backdrops ?  As I understand it from the language in the xml file, , right now,  in order to display the backdrops, the internet source must be accessed each time and temporarily downloaded each time.

I would rather store the backdrop jpegs (along with the movie, thumbnail, and xml files) directly on the hard-drive so that even if the internet is down I can still see all the graphics in Gallery View.

Any information about this would be appreciated, especially the xml code that would be used to access graphics on the hard drive. Thanks.

Nope… Unfortunately the backdrops can ONLY come from web servers right now.

This is DUMB… You cannot edit the genres either! So if moviedb says that The Exorcist is a “crime” movie, then Im stuck with that. I cannot manually change the genre to Terror. Well I actually can change It but this change is not recognized by the hub. Bottom Line: The Exorcist is a crime movie and I’ll never find It under Terror.

Unless you edit the moviedb entry :wink: