Can i use 7200 rpm drive WITH a 5400 rpm drive in MyCloud EX2? Both are 4tb

After 5 years, I had an original WD RED 4tb 5400rpm drive in Bay 2 go bad. I want to replace it with a 4tb 7200rpm drive. Will this cause me a problem having DIFFERENT RPM speeds?

My reasoning is that when the second original drive goes bad, I want to upgrade it to a 4tb 7200 rpm drive, but I don’t won’t a compatibility problem between the two drives.

Additionally, is there an advantage to having the new drive in the Bay 1 position?

I threw together an EX2 Ultra I got off Ebay (which was wrongly listed as “broken”-- Heh.) with some junk mismatched drives for a co-worker, specifically to set it up as a PLEX server.

Different capacities, and types.

Worked just fine.

The firmware does not care too much about the reported things from SMART other than drive health. Not that I would suggest throwing something like an SMR drive in or some other madness, but identical sizes with mismatched speed? Not a big deal. The linux raid driver will just slow the array to the speed of the slowest member, so the 7200 RPM drive will just read a little faster, and then wait around while the 5200 RPM drive klunks along during writes.

Thanks for the feedback.

In regards to using the EX2 Ultra as a Plex Server, do you have the issues of Plex not being able to convert .avi or .mkv files on the fly?


depends on the codec inside them. both are container formats.

I run a Plex server on my EX2 ultra, however I wouldnt have it doing any conversion or transcoding as it doesnt really have that higher specced hardware. You might be OK if you are only going to have 1 stream active, otherwise it might be a better option to manually convert the files to be to a better file format before making them available for streaming.

The processing power needed will also be determined, as Wierd_w says, by the codecs being used.

I can happily run multiple streams simultaneously using LAN and WAN connectivity, I doubt I would be able to achieve that smoothly if the NAS was having to convert the files on the fly.