Can I use 1TB MyBook World Edition with a Mac (OSX Lion)?

I once used this MyBook World Edition with a PC. Then I packed it away to move. Now, after a year or  more without using it, I’ve decided to take it out of the box. I’m using the same wireless router, but my old PC died. I replaced the PC with a MacBook Pro (laptop), which I’ve upgraded to OSX Lion.

My question: Can I use this device with the Mac? My home network also has a PC running Windows 7. Will I have to use the MyBook only with the PC?

You are posting in the wrong forum, you need to go to :

In the other hand are you using the My Book World Whitelight or Blue Ring?

he’s right, you’re in the wrong forum.  but, yes, you should be able to if you update the drive to the latest firmware.

Blue ring.

Another responder said I should be able to use this device with my Macbook Pro (Lion) if I upgrade to the latest firmware.