Can I upgrade G-Drive from 3TB to higher capacities?

I have a G-Drive w/ a single 3TB disk installed. I’m using it only for backups, and I don’t really care about best speed results. The 3 TB have become too small, so my question:

  • can I replace the 3TB HDD with one of bigger capacity?
  • is there a capacity limit from the chipset (I know there was one at 2TB in older chipsets)
  • can I fit any 3.5 HDD or am I resticted to a specific product/brand? (not going to take a highspeed disk that gets very hot)

Don’t know the exact G-Drive model name, it has a 3TB HDD, 1x eSATA, 2x FW800 and 1x USB2.0


Technically any G-Tech product that supports a drive over 2TB can support any HGST drive without limitation. However we haven’t tested all combinations on older enclosures like the one you have there. So we cannot guarantee support.

That being said the unit you have can support 4TB drives and it should be able to handle other manufacturers drives as well but we have not tested them.

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Thank you Rydia. So does this mean that 4TB is the maximum for my old device? Or is this the maximum capacity you know of that has been tested with it? I wouldn’t make the move from 3 to only 4 TB, I’m thinking about doubling it to 6TB or even go with 8 or 10TB - if there’s a chance it will work.

We did try 6TB in an older enclosure before and it worked but it was for standard read/write tests and should function properly but it was for our own tests in our lab not a full blown qualification process. So as before its at your own risk.

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Thanks! So I’ll go for a 6GB disk and give it a try.

When most people need more capacity they buy a new drive. A bare drive costs just a little less than a drive in an enclosure, Since you need a new drive, why not buy a WD drive this time. I know WD bought G-Drive. but who the heck are they; not a market leader, that’s for sure.

I can report that my old G-Drive enclosure successfully recognized my new 6TB disk (a Toshiba X300). Backups are now in progress. Thanks for the help!

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