Can I start playback remotely?

Hi there,

i’m considering getting a WDTV live hub, but I can’t seem to find out if it’ll do what i want it to - maybe someone could help?

Basically i want to have it plugged into my AV amp (by digital optical) and to my TV (by HDMI).  But i don’t want to have to turn on my telly to choose an album to play through the amp.

Does the WDTV Live Hub allow me to browse my media via a PC on my network and choose an album  to play through my connected AV amp?


If your running Windows you can use the “Play to” command on WMP to play albums without turning the TV on.  You do have to have the HUB on however.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

That sounds quite good - but does this mean i have to manage my music (hosted on the WDTV) with windows media player?  Or does the same thing work using (say) winamp?

And just to confirm, the ‘play to’ command lets you play to devices that aren’t computers? (ie my amp)

Oh yeah, also -

i don’t want to have to keep a computer on either - the point of me getting the WDTV would be to listen to my digital music collection without the power consumption of a PC on all the time. 

So ideally i want to browse media hosted on the WDTV on a pc/android phone (not my telly, as changing video sources is an arse), queue up a couple of albums, turn off the pc/phone and have the media continue to play via WDTV/my amp.

Am i asking too much?

**edit: for example, would this work? **