Can I share a folder on my my cloud with a friends mycloud?

What I would like to do is create a share on my cloud my server and somehow have a friend who also has a mycloud get the files on their my cloud… so like a my shared cloud folder ?

I do this all the time using Dropbox / and Box… thinking it would be nice to use my cloud devices to just share folders .
Is this possible ?

Try out and see if that will work for you.


No. not what I was looking for.

That allows me to share a link to a file or folder

But what I was looking for was for my friend to have a folder automatically sync down to their mycloud … so when I update or add new files on my mycloud share they automatically get the files downloaded to their mycloud

Bob Lee

Search for rsync on the forum; someone posted details of a secure sync to a remote Mycloud using rsync at each end.