Can i set passwords on folders in my book

as the title says, i want to buy it but i also wonder if i can set a folder with password and another folder with another password because ill share it with another person its not only for me.

The My Book Live is no longer made or supported. So if you’re buying one, beware of that…

You can assign share-specific access, but not folder-specific access.

Also be aware that at least on Windows (I don’t know about other platforms.) a given user can have only one set of credentials to access a specific NAS device. If you have multiple shares on a NAS, each with its own associated userid and password, Windows user would be able to access only one of them. I’m sure you can drop one connection and establish a new one, but that’s a bit convoluted.

I’ve heard some people say they have circumvented this restriction but have not seem how they did it.