Can I save my World's?

I have two WD My Book World II (White Light), each with 2X1TB disc’s. I have had some problem with both of the them and that is that I could not access them.

Now and I need professional help!

So, after trying to get the to work I couyld not find them on my network when both was connected. I then turned to a friend and he advised me to do a factory reset (yea I get that), then install the latest fw again, and so I did (for the 5 time…) When trying to accessing the NAS still was a problem he told me to try to format the discs one by one (1TB - WD 10 EADS), and this is where I am no…!

So, I have a external USB-hard drive docking station that I connected to a PC that runs on Win7. I have via Win7 system tools and the disc manager found the disc upgraded it to the latest fw. And then I did perhaps something stupid, I did remov all partitions and created 1 new BIG partition, so far only on on DISC-A of one of the World’s-NAS’s.

To be honest, it feels at this moment that I have NO Clue what I’m doing!?!?!?!

The big question that I have tried to find answers to is, “how to install new hard drive on My Book World II?”

I believe that I first have to format/partition the disc’s in some special way, or!?

As you can see a bow, English is not my native langue, so I ask you to please explain the way to do this as you where talking to an infant or something! :slight_smile:

Best regards

Ola Sannerholm

Hello there,

I have not tried this, and this procedure is not supported. Hopefully another user can share some ideas and information with you on this matter