Can I read a SINGLE disk out of a RAID 1 from My Cloud EX2 Ultra? And How?

Hello, I have a question about recovering data from a single disk form a RAID 1 configuration of a My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

A few days ago, I had an enclosure failure on a unit I just purchased. Before sending it back for replacement I obviously tried to recover the data. I put the disk on a USB dock and no EX2 utility allowed me to read it on Windows. I gave up and brought it to a local IT shop, who finally was able to read it on a Lunix system. However here is the problem, the person claims he was not able to read ONE disk, until he finally put BOTH disk and then Linux recognized it a Linux RAID and was able to read no problem.

So here is the question: how is the My Cloud EX2 Ultra RAID made? Is it as the person suggested a Linux software RAID? So if ever one disk unit is broken, is there any way to read the other one or the only alternative is to replace the faulty unit and rebuild the RAID?

Is there any way to put a SINGLE disk on a USB dock and read it? And how?

Incidentally I have the exact same question about an older My Cloud Mirror.

Somehow I feel I bought a RAID for data redundancy, but maybe not really…

Thank you in advance for your answers!!

It is software RAID.

The EX2 can obviously read only one disk (if the other fails) otherwise RAID is useless.

So if the EX2 (which runs Linux) can do it, any Linux distro which uses “md” as the software raid would also be able to read it if properly mounted.