Can I re-purpose the My Cloud Drive for use in another machine/NAS?

UPDATE:  Never mind.  Saw a similar post that it’s possible.


So I decided to buy a Synology NAS device even though the My Cloud does some everyday tasks much easier.  Regardless, the My Cloud has a 4TB drive in it.  If I’m not going to use it any more can I “crack” the case and put the drive in my Synology device?  Are there any funny connections that would prevent this?  The alternative is to sell the thing to subsidize a new 4TB WD Red drive for my new NAS.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Yes, you can use WD’s HDD where you want (Because its normal 3.5" Sata-III HDD “WD Red”).

And yes, you can replace it to any other (I try with 120GB HDD Hitachi from notebook - works good :D)

I welcome and I wish to change my hdd on a cloud, can you help me to see how to do?

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