Can I play Youtube Videos in HD?

I’m considering buying one of these, principally for Youtube play on my big screen TV. I haven’t been able to find out for sure whether it’ll display in 1080p yet though, can anybody let me know? If I can’t watch the videos in HD then I’m not bothered.

The WD TV Live, like pretty much every other set-top media streamer, can not stream YouTube HD.

It’s not a hardware limitation; it’s a firmware limitation enforced by YouTube since early last year.

One way around it is to use an iPhone / iPad app like ZappoTV, search for the youTube video you want to view and “push” the HD stream to the WD TV Live.  I’ve been able to view 720p video that way.  I’ve not been able to view 1080p, which might just be a limitation of the app.

B-Rads firmware has got round the youtube HD limitation by youtube, though some still have trouble trying to get it working properly.