Can I mirror my computer screen to the TV, using the WD TV Live?

I am using my MacBook Pro and the WD TV Live connected to my plasma, with a Wifi USB and USB Storage stick.

Buying stuff on iTunes, I would like to watch it on he TV without having to use the DVI->HDMI cable. 

I is possible to simply bring my computer screen via stream on the tv, using the WD TV Live?

So I could play the movie on my computer because of DRM, but still see it on the tv. 

Any idea ?

Dont know if you can do what you asked, but I’ve found a product called ZappoTV (free on Apple’s app store) that lets you access files from your computer using an ipod or iphone and then play them on the TV through your WD player.

I think Zappo requires the use of a DLNA server on the source computer, no?    If so, that’s still not going to work unless the DLNA server can play the DRM’d content…

As I understand it ZappoTV lets me watch movies, which are stored on the WD, on the iPhone. 

What I want to do is have my computer on the tv.

I’ve used ZappoTV to browse my files on the computer using the WD player. It’s able to access those files. I also have a network drive, also from Western Digital, and it’s able to access that as well. The iPhone acts as a remote control.