Can I hook this up via USB to my Mac instead of going thru my network

Since my network is saturated and we are unable to use this as a shared backup drive, I was wanting to use it as a direct drive to my system. There is a USB 3.0 port on the back, would a USB standard to USB standard cable do?

No chance. This is a NAS device and you can access on it only via network. The USB connector on the back side is only to connect some other USB drive to the NAS.

How is your network “saturated”? Why cannot you connect the My Cloud to a router or switch on your local network? Have you run out of IP addresses on the local network?

If you have run out of network ports on the router one can always buy a Gigabit switch to expand their network. Gigabit switches can be found for as little as $10 US dollars (or less) on One can have up to 254 individual IP addresses for each local IP address subnet.

It is the number of systems/devices on my network. All are major usrs (hey teens are great at downloading/using content).

You’re going to have to be more specific than that! I have six users in my household with no issues being used by all of them…

It would help if we had more information. Is your network saturated (like multiple people downloading/streaming HD/4K video? Does the router/switch support Gigabit? Is the WiFi AC?

As indicated previously you can have up to 254 individual devices on the local network IP address range. People use the My Cloud in a small office, medium sized office environment without issue.

The bottom line is like said by others you cannot connect the My Cloud to a PC using the My Cloud’s USB port. The My Cloud is a network attached storage device (NAS). You can connect the My Cloud direct to a PC using the My Cloud/PC’s Ethernet port. However, doing so means the My Cloud typically wouldn’t be accessible (without further PC configuration) to other users/devices on the local network. If one only has one network adapter in their PC they can add a second Ethernet adapter (either by USB port or by PCI-e or similar port).

3 teens pulling HD Youtube, Router to the outside world is 40 m. Plus 2 adults with their needs on the net…

I have it now on an isolated Apple Extreme in my office (extended/bridge mode) and the only system latched on to it is my Mac.

I think I got it set.

4 teens plus 2 adults that work from home here, the speed of your extremal connection won’t affect the connection speed / transfer rate over your LAN , a 4 port gigabit switch with your router and NAS connected would be more than capable of letting you transfer files at the max possible speed (75 meg / sec) that the unit provides.

Others using the NAS would show you down some as the systems hardware (drive, CPU and drive controller) isn’t the best compared to some more expensive systems.