Can I drag n drop next to a backup on my Book Essential 3.0?


I accidentally purchased the Book Essential 2 TB 3,0, instead my My Book Live. My lapyop has only a few GB left, so I decided it would be too difficult to try and return the Essential (I am mobility impaired with no transport of any sort to go and buy package to shop product back) and to try to keep my laptop from exploding also. My intention is to purchase Book Live imminently, to be my second back-up.

Before I realized I would be making a bad error, I deleted some of my media files from my laptop, misguided believing I could easily access them for when I needed my entire media collection to be Live., and backing up daily via my wifi.

My brain has been somewhat mushy lately, so perhaps I have misunderstood how My Book and My Book Live operate. What I wiahed to happen was that I would have my laptop backed up, and eventually grab the contents of the various graveyard of old abandoned towers that were immediately ignored for the new shiny tech toy.

(It’s a long story about how as I was backing things up to an ext HD, my lap HD failed and the techie put the back-up HD in the laptop, so I have about 202 GB I can’t access because of the user name difference or something. I dunno, long story, and lately I have a foggy head again).

So right now I have 2 TB My Book Essential 3.0, and plan on the Live Book in the nest few weeks. What I need to know is - can i store files alongside my backup? I tried the knowledge base for the answer, but with my newly convoluted head, I could not seem to glean the answer I have been looking for, for a few weeks.t

Help is greatly appreciated and apologies are handed out in fistfuls, if I happened to have missed an obvious straight forward answer to my query _ I really did look and do not mean to clog things up with a silly question.

Thank you kindly, S.


 you can backup files with a software and also manually add files to the drive

the software normally creates a folder for the backup

whatever other files you add will be separate from that folder