Can I download file from the URL when I'm not at home?

I access my WD via web browser.

FIrst I thought that it should be done in Apps > HTTP Download

but when I paste a URL link, it says something like  "Error 

Is there anyway to download files from URL remotely?

Thanks in advance.

Please review the EX2 manual ->


I have reviewed that, but it didn’t say much about HTTP Download App.

I have tried HTTP Download when I’m at home and I worked correctly.

The problem goes when I’m trying to use HTTP Download remotly from an office.

To access from outside the network, make sure you have port forwarding on your router (not on EX2) on port 80…going from the router to the IP of your EX2. Also, assigning static IP to the EX2 on your router will make things easier. And after those are done, make sure under Settings -> General -> Cloud Access -> Dashboard Cloud Access is ON. But this way of accessing kinda makes your EX2 more prone to hack attacks once you open up port 80…so at the very least make sure you have a password protected admin acct. I personally don’t like the idea of opening port 80 as it’s a common port to scan in any hacker’s basic techniques. But I also understand the http downloadway is the easy way to download/upload files for many.

I personally prefer using FTP to access remotely…but that is currently broken on the EX2…and a sore point for me so I don’t want to start talking about it.

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Thank you.

That help so much as someone who doesn’t have much experience about the network.

Gonna try that!

No problem. If it works, please mark my previous post as a solution, and click on the star to the left of that post just below my username to give me a kudo (thanks).

And I assume that you know that you will need to lookup/google your network’s external IP address (i.e. your WAN address) after you’ve done the other things…and then use that when trying to connect, and not the 192.168… address. I know it’s a basic info, but didn’t want to assume you understood that.

Another thing…depending on your ISP and the kind of Net connection you have, you may or may not have a relatively unchanging IP. For example, Verizon FiOS assigns an IP that pretty much stays unchanged for your connection for months, and even longer. But that may not be the case with your ISP…they may grant you a much shorter IP lease, and your IP address might change every few days (or even hours). So either you have to verify the IP before you leave home everytime…or get a custom host name for your IP from a service like and then regardless of what your external IP is, you can use an address like (or whatever domain name you like). On the EX2, there is a way to enter that DynDNS info from the dashboard under Settings -> Network -> Network Service -> Dynamic DNS -> ON (and configure). The EX2 will auto-update dyndns service with your latest external IP, if it changes.

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