Can I create two 2TB EX2s (in JBOD) from a 4TB EX2 and a diskless EX2?

We plan to have two EX2s, one at work and one at home.  The one at work will serve as the primary device and 2TB will be more than enough space for years to come.  Based on our usage, we don’t need RAID and plan to operate the device in a JBOD configuration.  The EX2 at home will only serve as a remote backup for the office system.  As such, I think I only need a single 2TB drive at each location.

Can I simply buy a 4TB EX2 and a diskless EX2 and move one of the drives from the 4TB sstem to the diskless system?

Or, do I need to buy a 4TB system, a diskless system, and a separate 2TB drive to install in the diskless system?

I’m just trying to fiure out the most cost effective way to implement what we need.  I’ve already sunk money into a basic My Cloud that is going to be useless going forward so Idon’t want to buy more than absolutely necessary.


I am not 100% sure on this, since I only bought a diskless EX2 and have been running it on one drive in JBOD since, but I think you should be able to do what you proposed in your first idea.