Can I connect my book duo to a standard router with a wireless access point

The title pretty much explains it. I have a 2tb mybook duo connected to a modem/ router combo with a wireless access point. 

I go to install the cd and it can’t discover the drive, but when I go to http://mybook it sees the drive.

I also have a static IP incase that helps.

Sounds like your router is not configured properly. We use something called uPnP to discover our devices. if the router has it turned off or is blocking it, that is the likely reason why the CD is not finding it. If you know how to go into the router turn on uPnP - that will likely be your best option.

How would I access the uPnP on my router?

You need to go into the UI of your router. Typically that is located at an IP address like (that is a typical, but not necessarily your address). I can’t tell you how to do this as I have no idea what router you have. if you have a user manual or any documentation on it, you may want to consult that.

My router has UPnP enabled, but the discovery process still can not find the drive. The only way to access it is through the IP address or host name via IE ???

In general, enabling UPnP on a router is only done to allow “Outside In” connectivity mapping.

If your WiFi PC is on the same internal network, enabling or disabling UPnP on the router should have no bearing on the PC’s ability to discover the MBL.

But there are plenty of routers out there that prevent WiFi clients from accessing things on the wired network.

Make sure you’re not inadvertently using “Guest” networking functions on your WiFi router.

Also, if your MBL is using a Dynamic IP, look in your router to determine what IP address the router assigned to the MBL, and then access that IP address directly using the URL


such as  (or whatever.)