Can I change the media server

I have a My Book Live (2TB) and have the latest firmware installed.

Is there a way to change the media server from Twonky, or use an alternative. (I have a Windows 7 PC)

I have movie files stored, but will not play via my Samsung TV - yet if I place the files ona USB key, they will play, so I assume it’s Twonky that cant stream the files.

Many Thanks in advance

The latest firmware has an option for a WD media server, search this forum or WD’s site for instructions.

Another option, it is to install another media server, check out this website. However, be aware, installation of some of these packages will void warranty:

As far as the other issue, have no idea. Do not have a Smart TV.

yes, with the latest firmware WD offered a option to install a new WD Media Server on MBL, take a look in the link below

The WD media server patch appears to be for windows 8. I did try to install it, but it hung at just 4%. Waitied 5 mins before switch off mybook. So assume not compatible with windows 7.

the patching should works no matter which windows you are using,  neither win7 nof win8 can influent the inside work of linux in MBL, when patching failed, better give your MBL a full check