Can I change the folder structure?

Would anything get screwy if I started adjustng the folder structure. Currently at the root level is a folder called Public, and beneath that there are folders for music, videos, and pictures, but with preset folder names like “Shared …”

Can I rename those folders and move them up to the root level without breaking anything?

Why do you need to do that?

YOU should not put ANYTHING in the ROOT folder. 

I wouldn’t recommend doing what you propose…

If you just don’t want those folders in PUBLIC, then move them to another share volume, but don’t put them in the ROOT, because NO SMB share will be able to access them.

The root level is a list of all shared folders on the My Book Live.  It is not an actual location that can be altered, which is due to the way Windows File Sharing works.

The “Shared x” folders are just suggestions and are not necessary on your My Book Live.  If you’d like to create a Pictures share for your photos or a Music share for your music, they would show up in the “root” folder and you can set them up to be accessible via DLNA.  Feel free to set up your My Book Live in whatever way is most convenient for you.  :slight_smile: