Can I change the external Drive's "Friendly Name"/

I bought a 2tb easystore 2625 to use with my smart TV. I changed the label name, but the name which shows on the tv is “easystore 2625”. I want to buy more drives, but I don’t want them to all have the same name. Is there any way to change the embedded name for this external drive?

Yes, it is easy to change the drive name. Just connect your drive to PC and go to disk management. There you will find your drive listed, just do right click on the drive you wish to change the name and click change drive letter option.

Yeah, easy to change the drive name a PC but it won’t change how a Smart TV displays it.

Smart TV’s read and display the USB vendor-id/product-id (chip identifier) are likely to be hard-coded in the device’s firmware.

So, changing the drive label on a PC will not affect how it’s displayed on a Smart TV.

That’s just how Smart TV manufacturers do it with USB connected Hard drives/Flash drives.