Can i backup Ext HDD (My Passport) to MyCloud EX2?


Just wondering can i use the WD Sync to automatically backup my data from my ext HDD to MyCloud using the WDSync? Just like how drop box sync.

I would like to backup my data to my personal cloud before i lost my ext HDD and all the important files inside. Just wondering this solution will work before i make purchase on the EX2.

First, see the dedicated subforum for the EX2 series of devices. Typically the My Cloud subforum is for discussing issues with the single bay/single drive My Cloud device which has fewer features/options than the EX2 series.

Typically one can manually configure the WD Sync software to sync to a specific folder/Share on the My Cloud, this could include a USB hard drive attached to the USB port on the My Cloud. See the WD Sync program Help for more information on how to manually set the sync locations.

You should, if you haven’t already, see the User Manual for your My Cloud device as there should be a chapter/section that discusses how to attach and use a USB hard drive to the My Cloud.

Generally one can connect a USB hard drive to a My Cloud to increase storage space and to provide a backup location for the My Cloud Desktop Backup feature.