Can I automate backup of one My Book Live to another?

We just replaced a different brand of NAS with a new My Book Live. The former NAS had an automated ‘recycle bin’ feature where every time a file was deleted or overwritten, including saving changes to it from an application, then it created a copy of the file into a trashbox directory. The trashbox contained the same relative directory structure as the places where the original file came from. This was very helpful in locating accidentally deleted files.

I haven’t found a means to duplicate this function on My Book Live. If there is a similar setting available, please enlighten me.

Now, I like redundancy. A lot. With low cost of storage, this is feasible.

As it is, I perform weekly duplication of the My Book Live to an external drive, which is stored off-site. This drive holds ten weeks back of duplicates, each week with its own duplicate. I’ll keep this as a long-term backup solution.

I’m looking for a daily routine to add to this behavior, and thinking that an identical My Book Live would be useful to transfer data to at end of every night. They’d even put themselves to sleep afterward. In this way, even if one device failed, the other would be available near-immediately with less than a day’s data lost.

That said, is there a way to automate this process? To basically treat the active My Book Live as a computer which gets backed up by the other one on a scheduled basis?

Alternately, I could just add an internal 1TB drive to my computer instead, and use it to hold yesterday’s data. It’d be wiped weekly, and hold daily backup images.

I’m just curious, as this product is new to me. In the comparison, My Book Live is easier to set up, to share, and to manage.

I think you would be able to do it if you have a backup software that is able to see any network drive… The Smartware that comes with the MBL won’t help for this…

Maybe rsync (rsnapshot) is what you are looking for.

1/ Set up passwordless ssh access from one drive to the other

2/ Check that rsync is installed (I’m 90% sure it is, otherwise apt-get install rsync)

3/ Write a very brief line of code, I’m using the following two:

To push files to the other server:
rsync -avz -cut --delete  -e ssh /home/jon/Backup/ jonj@server:/home/jon/Backup

To pull files from the other server:

rsync -avz -cut  -e ssh jonj@server:/home/jon/Backup/ /home/jon/Backup

4/ Put said code in a text file, call it from cron however often you like

Rsnapshot does incremental backups using hard links, it’s a very clever idea. Well worth looking into if you’re currently keeping multiple copies of the same file as it’ll save you a lot of hard drive space / greatly increase the frequency with which you back up data

edit: Offsite backup using a second identical drive does sound like a very good idea, I think I shall implement that