Can I access the content on my Live Hub from a remote location?

I spend a lot of time in hotels on business and I was just wondering if I could access movies from my Live Hub if I had an active WiFi connection on my laptop when I’m away?

Is there a web based portal that I could log onto to view my material?

There is, but it would mean that you will expose your entire network to the internet. There is also an option to create tunnel from the internet to you network, but it would involve considerable amount of networking knowledge…

So the answer is: Yes, but I would not recommend it :wink:

Not sure if the frame rate would be fast enough for this to work, as i’ve never tried it… but

Couldn’t he map the HUB to his home PC – then run a VNC Server, and just connect to his VNC server and remote desktop share then play the movie on his home PC and view the screen?

Technically yes. Practically NO.

  1. Most hotel WiFi connections do not have the bandwidth to do what you want. Remember you are sharing the bandwidth with all the other customers.

  2. Your upstream bandwidth from your home Internet connection probably won’t support this. Most home internet connections don’t have very high upstream bandwidth.

The hub is small and can easily be brought along with you, most hotel rooms have tv’s where you can connect it to.

Or you could simply transfer some movies to your laptop to watch when you’re away from home and bored!

Both alternatives are much better and more practical than trying to reach your hub through internet :wink:

Thank you very much for all of your input - very helpful indeed!