Can I access media from a second WDTV on my network

Could someone help re this question . I have two wdtvs on my network and have a hardrive hanging off one of them . If I turn my main PC off can I access the hardrive and media content from the WDTV that does not have the hardrive?

I believe the SMB network needs a “Master Browser” in order to function properly.

The WDTVs do not (to my knowledge) have the capacity to act as a Master Browser.

If the PC is the only network device capable of being a Master Browser, then it would need to be on for the network to function properly.

If another connected device can take over the Master Browser role, then the PC can be shut off.

So it is possible to have more than one WD TV Live connected in the same network?..I am wondering about buying a second one for my bedroom.


If this can be done, I am pleased to be able to use my movies on my PC which serves a a master server, hope I am correct on this!

thanks for your help.