Can favorites be removed and added

Just got this device today and I LOVE it but I can’t figure out how to add and remove favorites on the  home screen

This new UI is great, but I am equally confused by this.  I don’t know why my favorites are predetermined either.

You can ADD a folder or file to favorites by navigating to the folder / file, then hit OPTIONS, then select “Add to Favorites.”

You can REMOVE from favorites by navigating to the folder or file in the “Dashboard,” and hit Options / Remove from Favorites.


Ok I still cant figure this out. Will you walk me through? It states I cant even get into the dashboard until I am connected to a content source with media library enabled. 

In the settings enable the media library, then add a folder too it from your media source.  Such as go to a TV folder and click options, then add to media library.  Now you can access the dashboard. 

Will try tonight . So it will be EPIC fail or success.

Maybe I am not understanding how this thing works. Media library is enabled and set to auto. Do I have to connect something to the device ? A USB or something?

It tells me I have to connect to a media source. I still havent got to the dashboard.

Add a share to your media library via that same menu where media library is enabled.

Guess Im destined not to be able to use this feature. Add a share. Is this trying to network with my home pc? I have no media on my home pc. I still cant get the dasboard to open. Frustrating. I click on System> media library is on, Get content info is on Auto> Click on meta source manager> I get movie -music -tv show>All i get then is add a new meta source. Im just not understanding where I move a folder or a file from and into where to get my dasboard to open. Sorry If im bothering to much. I have never used this type of device before besides Roku. 

david0406 wrote:

I have no media on my home pc. I still cant get the dasboard to open.

Ok, now *I* am confused!

You say you have no media on your PC.   A few posts up you say you have nothing plugged into your WDTV on USB.

… so where is your media??

#1 -OK I guess I am confused as to what I am trying to do but I think I have it figured out. All I am trying to do is move around the pre loaded applications into the favorite folder. I am beginnning to think that you can not do that  and that the default locations of those  is just where they are.i.e. Neftflix, Vudu, Hulu. . I do not have any media i.e music, movies, tv shows loaded on my home PC that i want to load into my favorites file. I think maybe thats where the confusion lies. I just bought this to stream the applications on the device. Am I correct in that those pre loaded applications can NOT be moved? 

#2- When I do launch the facebook app none on the photos on my FB page show up on the facebook app. Do I have some setting wrong? Does this ap just work differently than the app on the Roku? 


In order to do #1, you need to plug an HD or memory stick into the USB port. Then you can use the dashboard and adjust your favorites.

Thank you sir! Your patience is appreciated!. I got it.