Can copy to but imposible to copy from My Cloud Ex2Ultra

Im always copy to as I use it for backup. Now i want to retrieve some files and it is imposible to get almost any file. Speed drop to 0 and then fail.
I used to have problems whit the app that did freeze a lot. Now, I understand that was the myCloud failing. Tried all protocols. From differents SO (linux, windows).
When I copy a file I get 50MB/s easily.
From Webbav I download at normal speeds.

I 've seen post from 2014 complaining about this issue. Any advice? I’m really worried about the future of all my data. I will suspend all its use waiting to a solution. I need to get backup a lot of data I upload to the device.
Any comments will be appreciated.

How are you performing the backups?

Are you using the wdsync utility? (there’s a raft of problems with using this utility, notably that it does strange things to permissions on the files themselves, and makes strange loops with symlinks)

Personally, I would try a local copy to a USB device, using SSH, just to be sure. Are you comfortable using SSH?

Hi Wierd_w, there are manual backups. I just drop files into shares from windows10 mostly and linux. The strange thins is that from web browser the speed is the regular for local network.

The problems seems to face when accesing via smb protocol to copy from MyCloud to Pc.

I will Try to copy files to a USB disc attached to the MyCloud. I uses ssh daily.

[uses ssh daily]


Once we are sure your data is safe on a USB device, we will see about looking into permissions, to see if that is the issue.

Ok. Great Wierd_w, all the data is being moving to other device so I could make test without risk. Please let me know future steps to start working on them.
The Mycloud has two WD Green 1TB in Raid1. I thought it could be one failing disk causing read errors or delays, but as the data was succeed copied in different ways I put all my guess in the windows Network protocol.
Thanks for all the support.

Samba has issues reading files that it does not have permissions for. See if the permissions are sensible.

By default, samba creates the files under the [nobody] user, in the [share] group. It can also handle files made by root:root if the permissions are wide open, but wdsync and the web interface create files under odd users, and do not give permissions to other users or groups.