Can Connect to Media Server but not to Network Shares on Win7 64 Ultimate Machine


Just  purchased a WD TV Live Plus with latest  released  firmware version 1.03.29_B.

  1. I can connect  to the default  “shared” libraries of  Music, Pictures and Videos using the  Media Server menu  on the WD TV Live Plus to my  Win7 64 machine just fine…

  2. But any attempts to access Network Shares to the same machine the logon fails – using the same

userid / password  combo that works when accessing the Media Server on same machine.

I don’t want  to have to add  3 hard drives of  media  (in designated folders/directories)  to the  Media Player 12 default video library (folders to monitor/ watch list)  ( Organize>Manage Libraries>Videos)  because  that listing is several hundred files

Any ideas on what else to try so that I can logon to same machine using the Network Shares menu? So that I can browse to the directories/folders on the machine that are shared  with the Homegroup.




Welcome to the forums.

For Win 7 net shares you must have the following (and whether you can connect via the media server or not makes no difference to this and is a null factor):

  1. Workgroup must be named WORKGROUP on the PC

  2. Net shares should have password turned off (in advanced options)

  3. Also in advanced options, add “Everyone” to each share

  4. Make sure you don’t have Windows Live ID assistant installed (check in “Remove Programs” and, if there, uninstall it)

After you’ve done all that, clear the Live by doing a reset (either with a paper clip or via the “Reset” in the settings menu.  Then login in again (use the anonymous login with no password entered) and you should then see your shares properly.

Hi  Mike “ex-genius” Kelley

BINGO:smiley: that was the solution to the tee :robothappy: following your procedure step by step I now can not only connect  to the Media Server but to all of my newly created Network Share Folders/Directories. Whatever the problem is regarding logon with  a  userid/pw as opposed to anonymous without a pw as well as whatever the conflict is with having the Windows Live ID Signon Assistant installed should be rectified by WD in the next firmware update I would hope…

In the meantime you have SAVED THE DAY for Me and I Hope that you have a Safe and Happy 4th of July :smileyvery-happy:


SaphireX 166i18BB7333DC89D0AF

Glad it worked for you and I do agree WD needs to fix these issues – it should *not* be this complicated to get things working.

And my wife and I are indeed having a lovely 4th (and I’m just waiting for the food to finish cooking :>) – thanks very much!