Can appear in WDTV Live support for DVD menus?

If you have any information, please reply to my question:
Can appear in WDTV Live support for DVD menus? What prevents to do it now? The problem is most WDTV Live or to refine the firmware?

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I agree with whattheheck. I believe the problem is (if I understand correctly) that there are licensing fees associated with including DVD menus on a device. Someone correct me if I’m wrong because I’d like to know for sure. If they were to release a firmware versions with support for this, they’d have to pay the license fee for every device they’ve sold which I think would be a decent lump sum. If they would have included it originally, it would have been spread out over time but it would have cut into their profit margin.

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To use the DVD specs, yes they would have to pay a license - not only that but you would need a major update to the box to support it (media player), as the remote does not contain the necessary keys found on a traditionnal DVD player.

Not something we would likely see on the WD Live but probably in a new hardware revision - although I would gladly pay for a firmware update that includes full dvd menu support and chapters.

Actually i think you could operate it quite well with the current remote.

Cursor keys to move around the menus, enter to select something.

“back” moves back to the previous menu - “options” could show links to certain standard menus (say sound/subtitle) etc.

True I was talking for full dvd specs support. Besides, you are missing the point. This would require a major update to the player. Competitor products were designed out of the box with dvd menu support, because they were licensed. It would not be cost effective for WD to do so on this revision of the product. I would place my bets that the next hardware revision will have it. You should be able to extract your menu items using freeware into individual mpeg files. Expecting full dvd and bd menu support with a simple firmware upgrade is being very unrealistic - unless WD has official plans to do so, so far there is nothing at all suggesting that and in fact that is what was confirmed to me, indeed, no plans for this. A GO TO function on the other hand would be much appreciated. and that seems to be on the list !

I don’t agree we have to wait for new hardware revision to see DVD menu. I have oldest SIgma contained devices : Rapsody, Abigs - and all of it can paly DVD menu and had almost same price . I think WD is able  do it too (of course if we will ask them).