Can an Advanced Format Drive be used on Windows XP then switched to Windows 7 later on?

I’m planning to use an Advanced Format Drive (2 TB model) on Windows XP by setting the jumpers before I format it. It will be used as a single partition and purely for backup.  If I later want to use this drive on a Windows 7 system, can I do it?  Will I have to re-format without the jumpers and lose all of my data, or is there some way I can retain my data when I make the move?

Havn’t tried it yet but I believe you will lose “full performance”. Windows 7 should still recognise the smaller

block size. You may need to leave the jumper in place until a reformat is completed. I will try this with a hot

swap when convenient. I did notice a performance hit on my jumpered XP drive compared to the advanced

format in 7 but have not had time to check jumpered win7 compatability. Anyony try this yet???