Can access all shares on drive except my own

I have folders or shares for all 4 people in my house and a Public folder also. I can access all folders except mine. Prompts me for Username and Password. I may have put a password at one time, don’t remember. None of my usual passwords work. I believe My Dashboard indicates I don’t have a password for my share. I checked the box for No Password. It was Private, so I made it Public. No change.
Is the easiest thing to do is delete the share? Will it delete the folder containing my files also? I’m ok with that so I can just start over, add my share again and add my files to it.


Does resetting the unit makes any changes? If you haven’t try that, please do so using the physical button on the back of the unit.

It has to do with the user/password you used the first time to access MLB. Those credentials are kept in Windows, you got to find a way to remove those. Don’t remember the solution from the top of my head but it has been covered multiple times on this forum.

If you set it to Public, type a fake user with no password. Try this first…

That worked. Many thanks. After looking at the users manual, I found that in there, but I am man, I don’t read manuals. :wink: