Cameras dropping out

I have had the 4mp system for about 8 months and have enjoyed the system except for one nagging problem. I have 7 4mp cameras setup with to a patchblock in an attic, then ran to the NVR in a closet. The NVR does not appear to be over heating and they stream just fine. But every once and awhile a camera drops out and does not reconnect. The NVR acts like the camera is gone, but the camera is still getting power. If I pull the cat wire out of the NVR or the patch block the NVR sees the camera and it reconnects without issue. This is so frustrating because I can’t seem to find a rhyme or a reason for why it’s happening. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @Utd720,

Based on the scenario, could be a faulty camera, cable, or port. I would recommend ruling-out each piece, try another port, cable, camera combination. If the issue follows the camera, you can have it replaced through support. Same for the NVR if one of the ports on the NVR is bad.

I made a post about this last year which received no attention from WD. Their application sends too many requests to cameras and doesn’t properly end sessions so 3rd party cameras lock up waiting to timing out. I had to custom write a service to regularly reboot my 3rd party cameras to free up the limited onboard memory.

How do I know it’s the WD software? I had been running a Synology NAS with my cameras just fine but switched to WD for more ports. Immediately my cameras began being sluggish and unresponsive after a couple of hours.

So crazy enough, I got a notice around the time of this post that they had pushed out new firmware for the NVR system. I updated the firmware and it hasn’t dropped out since. I had suspected it was the NVR software that was the issue, and sure enough the latest version fixed the problem. Thanks for the input everyone