Camera photos no longer syncing to MyCloud

For years the my cloud app would sync photos from my phone and store them on the cloud in folders named yyyy_mm. It has stopped doing this and I can’t find why.

Autosync is set for Wi-Fi only, sync interval 3 minutes. Is there another setting required to activate it? TIA … Greg

I have the same situation. They sync, albeit slowly and partially. I expect WD is just scrapping the tech altogether.
I’d love to use an app that syncs to a NAS over WiFi (locally)…

thanks for your reply, but in my case, they don’t sync at all. It last happened a few months ago when I was using a different phone …


I’m sure you have tried to remove the phone in question from the list of devices with cloud access and added it again?
What access method do you use: password to mycloud or code?

Ah thanks for the tip. The mycloud app on my phone can read from the cloud ok, but maybe what you’re referring to is necessary for it to write there. I use password access (I think) … Greg

I’d try to remove the app from the list of cloud deviced of the MyCloud dashboard and add again. Try via code, not pwd/user.

I’m trying to reauthorize devices but WD Access on my laptop is playing up. So annoying! The option to access the screen has disappeared. I’ve tried uninstalling then reinstalling but no joy yet

Thanks Lard_Vader.

Well I got past the WD Access problems, deleted obsolete devices, and used a code to connect the current smartphone. Hopefully the photos will sync and they will be displayed inside monthly folders on MyCloud. There is no sign yet of uploads taking place so perhaps only time will tell. Or is there a way of testing this?

Contrary to my previous comment, my devices have been able to write to the cloud because backups have worked. However I don’t want back ups, I want autosync. Any more suggestions very welcome … Greg

How does it work now? My advice was based on experience: it always helped to add the device anew, when it would sync again. It took me a while to realise that after a while the pics stopped syncing.